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New VO

2016-10-23 21:13:13 by Blactap

Check it Out.

Blactap Voice Over

Any Critism is welcomed 

BilgeWater Narrative

2015-07-24 23:29:34 by Blactap

Evening folks,

After reading Act One of Bilgewater Burning Tides (League of Leagues), I decide to a narrative of the first chapter for fun. I wanted to put it on newgrounds as well but the contain felt more youtube-eeee (not sure if thats a word yet). Click here to watch. More content to come.


New VO Up!!!

2015-07-02 17:02:33 by Blactap


As promised (....about a month ago) a new Voice Demo. I'm also going to continue the Captain Fugde Packer series for fun (when time permits). BEING AN ADULT IS SO FUN!!!!  T___T

It's been a Long Time

2015-06-01 23:54:48 by Blactap

Hello again,

Long story Short. I moved to youtube under the name Uncle Pause. The channel consist of gaming and random VOs from time to time. Here is one of Kermit and Herbert singing Suit & Tie. I will be uploading a new Voice Over soon for both newgrounds and YouTube.

Stay Fresh



Staring up Again

2014-01-28 18:13:32 by Blactap


It been awhile since I done anything on newgrounds ( or anything creative lately ). I made a promise this year that I will put more content out this year. Will it be the best in the world..maybe but I can't tell the future. Here is a teaser of what is to come. Later.

Intro to Uncle Pause

A New Voice Over is Here

2011-12-23 16:22:23 by Blactap

Hello one and all,

I been in and out newgrounds for sometime and now that I have acquired the proper equipment, I can start doing Voice Overs again. In fact I just uploaded a demo not too long ago. Any Future projects you guys have, I am up for the task. Also Feedback on the demo if any.

Blactap Voice Demo